Go Work is recruiting in the United Kingdom

Go Work is currently recruiting medical auxiliaries for the North and South of England as well as Wales. The recruitment company wishes to hire ten medical auxiliaries each month throughout 2017, integrating the existing staff at Health Centres and assisting patients in need on their everyday roles.

The candidates are required to have a previous work experience or to be familiar with similar functions, good knowledge of English (Level B1), sense of responsibility, punctuality and assiduity, as well as strong interpersonal skills.

The professionals selected should expect to receive €8.55/hour (£7.40/hour) for the first 6 months, with an increase to €8.70/hour (£7.55) at the end of this period. After 12 months, the wages will be updated to €9/hour (£7.80). Additionally, during the training period in the U.K. lodging will be provided free of charge, with the contractual terms being established directly with the employer.

For more information regarding the requirements for the positions, applicants should consult the offers published at Go Work’s Job Portal.

Applications are made at For further enquiries and information, please contact us at 21 154 60 40.